Costa Azul

Near by the border between Brazil and Paraguay, polo of great economic movement, Costa Azul is a vertical condominium surrounded by the rivers Paraná and Acaray, more precisely beside the Itaipu Dam - Hydroelectric. This equipment provides complete infrastructure construction and defines the parameters for consolidating the low-density building. 

The outside reading of the five floors is clear because of the differentiated use of typologies, where ground floor and mezzanine configure commercial spaces, visually permeable through the glass skins, yet the ground access to the residential floors is made by a more solid facade of the building. The building brings the concept of hanging houses, where the balconies are both access to the residences, as the living space between the rooms of the housing unit. Homes are marked by large garden spaces, airy environments and plenty of natural light, while most of the apartments have enclosed appearance. In this case the building becomes a hybrid between the concepts of home and apartments, bringing gardens, natural light and air with the security of a vertical building. 

The low height of the building gives the dialogue with the urban space where it is inserted, valuing the human scale, and despite having few apartments for its low density, the ground floor leads to interaction through dialogue of commercial and the neighbourhood. 
Hanging houses with panoramic views, where the access to each apartment is via a private balcony, providing a continuity of internal social spaces for each apartment type. Altogether 12 types of customizable plants are arranged into 6 apartments per floor with high ceilings and underground parking place. 

Edifício Costa Azul. Empreendimento da Incorporadora CostaSur. Hernandarias, PY - 4.500m² 
Projeto desenvolvido em uma parceria entre YEX e Juliano Monteiro Studio.

Costa Azul Building. Development Costa Sur. Hernandarias, PY. Size: 4.500 m²
Project developed in partnership between YEX and Juliano Monteiro Studio.

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